The BOTD team has significant volumes of past performance and accolades from the caliber of our instruction. We regularly receive letters of how our training has saved lives and the most touching moments of our business are when we receive calls from mothers of military members thanking us for the skills we have taught their sons which ultimately saved their lives.

A past performance volume  demonstrating that BOTD is the lowest risk company to provide Tactical, Evasive/Escape, Anti-Terrorist, Attack Recognition and Response, Defense Driving Techniques is available upon written request.

BOTD has included below a excerpts from letters we receive written by former students.  Some former students send these letters after having employed our methods in hostile situations.  We are humbled by their gratitude and are happy that our training helped them survive.

"Mr. Ore is by far the finest driving instructor I have ever observed or taken a course from, law enforcement or otherwise. Mr. Ore demonstrates techniques and skills in driving that are extraordinary to say the least but his exceptional ability to teach his students, whether unskilled or highly skilled, makes him the exceptional instructor. He teaches simple principles which students can grasp and perform in a stepwise fashion leading to dramatic skill and confidence development of the students.”

“In advanced driving such as instructor training, anti-terrorism, dignitary protection and vehicle intervention techniques I feel very confident in writing that there is no one who comes close to Mr. Ore's instruction.”

“Bobby Ore’s staff is more than willing to do what ever it takes to ensure students master techniques. Remedial driving will be conducted as needed for students. The class achieved a 100% pass rate for the training which demonstrates the proficiency of Bobby Ore and his staff to instruct and transfer information.”

“The knowledge and proficiency of Bobby and his staff was incredible. Their professionalism during instruction says a lot about their character and their commitment to the training. I could not have asked for better training or better instructors than Bobby Ore and his staff.”

“The training provided was above and beyond what could have been expected. The staff of instructors and support crew was that of knowledge and professionalism, determined and dedicated to teaching their craft. The lesson plan matched our training needs exactly and the material covered was well planned and very well executed. I must comment on the commitment of the staff who volunteered to work through lunch periods and well into the night to ensure that each student understood and executed the training to standard. The training equipment provided was beyond sufficient.”

“It is my opinion that this training be continued throughout [our organization] as the teachings learned within were both critical life-saving and mission focused. The confidence and competence our [team] now have in operating a motor vehicle will prove valuable in all aspects of their career and lives.”

“[BOTD] is one of those rare companies that more than deliver on everything they claim and continue to exceed the greatest expectations of the attendees/students. The training always exceeds the organization and leadership objectives and upon completion of the course students are proficient in the skills covered.”

"… I learned more about the vehicle and myself during 3 days with Bobby than I learned in all the previous courses combined.”

“I cannot thank you enough for everything we learned regarding vehicle searches, situational awareness, and driving techniques. The efforts your team put into deconstructing driving habits, and rebuilding a precision awareness of how vehicles perform are directly applicable to any situation we find ourselves in. … [Y]our training allowed participants to construct an approach and thought process to driving that is far beyond the anticipated end product that we had expected. Our staff, having attended many tactically related courses, was greatly impressed by your knowledge and application of your unique skill set. We will be recommending this training to any and all who could ever find themselves in harms way with a vehicle at hand.”