BOTD, part of Bobby Ore Motorsports, was founded in 1996, and provides premier driver training to members of Law Enforcement, the Armed Forces, Special Forces and other Government personnel. Bobby Ore, a world recognized expert in the field of high-performance driving, and a tested, certified, experienced team of instructors, use proven and lauded industry leading techniques. We provide instructors, training facilities, classrooms, driving track, vehicles and equipment, and a curriculum to maximize student survivability in real-world situations by making the skills we teach second nature. We employ an
instructional approach that uses standards for completion based on testing of student capability in addition to providing the hours of required training and, at no additional cost, remedial training. We have a substantial past performance record of courses and testimonials that evidence timely performance, highly qualified personnel and a level of training that saves lives. BOTD’s years of successful experience and customer list best demonstrate the proven capability of our management approach to meet the range of client requirements as well our cadre of driving instructors.


Bobby Ore is a former marine who currently owns and teaches at BOTD in Camarillo, CA and Sebring, FL. Over Bobby’s forty-year career, he has taught 1000’s of Law Enforcement and government personnel. Bobby has received awards too many to mention. He also has held 13 world records in vehicles. Bobby specializes in vehicle dynamics, vehicle physics and continually pushes vehicles to their limits to get the most accurate scenario of the “what if situations”. Bobby incorporates a lot of his own teaching methods into our classes. His method of steering, PIT maneuver, Counter PIT, PVE (pinned vehicle escape) has all been developed from countless hours of trying all methods and coming up with what works 100% of the time. When you need to get off the X there is no room for methods that might not work. Bobby is trying relentlessly to standardize driver training.


The BOTD instructors are among the top in the country. They bring clients the real world experience and methodology to increase student survivability. The essential characteristics of our instructors are (1) people skills, (2) subject matter expertise and (3) class management skills.  Our instructors are selected for their superior ability to interact, talk, understand, empathize and connect with students (people skills).  In addition, all of our instructors possess demonstrated high levels of expertise, knowledge and skill in every tactical driving capability.  Lastly, they have been carefully trained in tactical driving course management so that they have the ability to plan, organize, lead and supervise the custom course requirements often mandated by our clients. Our instructors are carefully selected in a manner that our 40 years of experience have determined are best suited to quickly transferring the necessary skills from our experienced team to students. 


BOTD has training venues in Camarillo, CA and Sebring, FL, and will bring its instructors, vehicles and equipment to other locations.